Rajinikanth and Udayanidhi Stalin had a long discussion

சினிமா தற்போதைய செய்தி

Actor Rajinikanth and DMK MLA Udayanidhi Stalin had a long discussion at the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad.

The opening ceremony of the 44th Chennai International Chess Olympiad is being held at the Nehru Arena. This festival is being held on a grand scale of international standards.

This long series is going to be held at Pooncheri next to Mamallapuram in Chengalpattu district at the star hotel Bor Point. The series will be held from today till 10th of August.

Actor Rajinikanth along with his family attended the inaugural function. Rajinikanth is attending the event with his family for the first time after a long time and Aishwarya Rajinikanth was also present at the event. Actor Rajinikanth, who arrived at the event before PM Modi arrived, sat in the front row. Rajinikanth enjoyed the festive events with awe.

Lydian performed on the piano today at the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad. Many foreigners were thrilled to see his reading skills. Rajinikanth was also amazed by this. Lydian simultaneously played Harry Potter in one hand and Mission Impossible in the other. Rajinikanth was amazed at this.

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